Thursday, July 16, 2009

deep heart

why everyone must get hurts ? and i cant understand this is the 2nd times
someone leaves me because of a girl . why shouldnt i get this pressure and pain
after i thinking back , why must i cried about him . did he care about me ?
of course he doesnt , he must be happy with the girl . and never think about me
why he never turn back and said that he's still in love with me ?
should i be so evil to revenge with the girl ?
their just knowing each another fer a month
i think so , but why he must choosed the girl . sickness when im thinking back of
that moment , maybe this is how i get back when im not choosing someone
that really care about me , but im not in love with him now .

im try now to forget about you , so dont you ever came to my life again .
but im still cant believe that you could do this to me
maybe you're never know how's my pass it is
thankful for the God cause makes me open my eyes to know more about life
and i'll never turn back to my pass , sometimes when we're alone
their is someone that is beside you , but you just dont know who is