Sunday, July 19, 2009


we walk around talking to complete starangers ,
laugh for absolutely no reason at all
have stupid fights that are over in 10 minutes ,
attempt to dance and sing like they do
in music videos , have a billion " you-had-to-be-there " times's
gang up on the bitch that has a problem with one of us ,
make fun of each other , when we walk into stuff
act like we're all on track and no matter what happens
we're always there for each other through good times & bad

your the friend i can be a complete idiot with
and no matter what you will stand there
laughing with me ,
your the friend i can get completely mad at
and than having you stand there with a funny
face completely ignoring the fact that im mad
at you , and just burst out laughing
your the friend i can trust with everything
there isnt a thing i wouldnt doupt telling you
because i trust you with my whole heart
your the friend that has been through
ruff times with me & we're still standing strong
your the friend i would run if in trouble
your the friend who has always helped me out
and you know what ? your the person that i
consider my bestfriend
nevermind the boys we dated all the break-ups we hated
remember laughing & crying sneaking out ,
cheating & lying , singing so loud , getting lost in the crowd
the party that never stops
the angel face while talking to the cops
high school maybe over fast
but we're still making the
memories last

Only a true friend
would let me
touch their butt
whenever I wanted
Thanks fot that :)