Thursday, July 9, 2009

City Plaza

we're having fun even i had a problem at this time . but who cares right ?
all these guys were always give me some advise and peace haha
yah ! for nizar that always makes me laugh and laugh
he just likes my brother , some people said that
our face looks a same , which part right ? haha
and he know what i feels when I'm happy
sad , some pressure , going crazy and else
he know what who i am , i guess so :)
but we just be friends . last year i guess but not
so close and early this year 2009 we're going close
until I'm knowing him enough haha

maxchu he's so funny and advisory :)
he gave me so many words that i always kept it
after i heard so many advise from him
and i would likes to learn from the words
almost all those words reminds me when
I'm doing something
itsn't right or wrong ?

I'm so thankful cause have these guys that
always keep me up and been always at my back
but I'm not forget to all my besties gfrineds :)
they are also important in my life
so peace up !