Sunday, March 20, 2011


Alhamdulillah.. Finally some of my friends now wearing a hijjab.
I am so grateful to Allah and may Allah bless all of them 
include my friends were not in this photos

                            Left : Aina Bahari                                                                Right : Fath

Fath who was our first friends wearing hijjab.
She was the most craziest person, but miracle was happened
And I'm proud with Fath. Then come with Naziera (Angah) 
the second one with her sister.
When one by one our friends wearing hijjab. Everyone become more matured
and think forward. Include me.. After them, It was me.
Aina was close with Naziera, so she's turn finally with wearing a hijjab.
No wonder, because she such a polite & quiet girl. *maybe haha
 We're wearing those hijjab because of Allah.
 Not because we were follow our friends.

                                  Left : Della                                                        Right : Naziera (Angah)

And well, this is Della & Naziera.
Just now, I got the good news that Della was wearing a hijjab.
And I'm so proud with she. She such a "blur & rough" one. haha
But Its okay, people change right?

So do I. hahahahha I remember when WE ARE SO "AGAS" THAT TIME - lol
I , Fath & Della were went to gig. 
And I was so blondie hair & pierces all over my face hahahah Omg
And Fath with her hair like a Lady Gaga I think. sorry, I don't know what else to describe
Della with her curly murly hair and plus everyone was wearing  black shirt.
Its more like Hadrcore I guess Wakakakaka 
haha! Such a horrible moment. I can't lost with It LOL

So now.................
We are changes, for the better way AND better future
I hope one day my others friends will wearing hijjab too.
Its okay, I will ehh no.. We will accept you guys like who you are baby. :)

from me,
 Adha with Love