Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outer space: The galactic catwalk

Okay, I purpose for this entry just wanna share to you guys what will be my favourite things.. Maybe some of you already know about this. But I don't care! I nak post jugak, suka hati lah kan? haha actually this is one of the beauty of space. SPACE? yah! angkasa lepas, kejadian tuhan was amazing.

Some of people, when they saw a picture of the space. They maybe said " I'm scared! " haha, don't worry. Nothing to be worried at. Macam mana ngeri ke bentuk something tu especially at the space. I'm just proud of It! Yes, My God create It - Allah swt

So... Let's see It

Omg. I can't even handle myself went I saw this. Kan best dapat tengok real haha.
Tapi ada orang kate, bila kita kat angkasa.. kita akan dengar orang mengazan.
I don't know which is true or not. Nak naik ke sana kena kuat iman jugak