Thursday, December 30, 2010

OH Hi 2011 :)

Well hello to 2011 because Its coming now haha. So as usual people will talk about It and say 
" Hey what's your solution for the up coming 2011 ". 
and my respond just " Err.. I don't know, I'm not think about It yet" 
So yeahh! Now I know what It is. haha come and see my solution It easy and simple I think :p

Maybe I would like to do :
  1. solat 5 waktu, insyallah amin..
  2. be a nice & polite girl
  3. successful person (straight A's for spm amin)
  4. learning how to cook,bake and driving haha 'cause Its really important
  5. makes more money $$ haha
  6. and last devoted for people,enviroment and anythings that need help insyallah..

Okay that's all for today. have a nice day :)
♡ ♡ ♡