Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Okay yesterday, I'm with my family having some dinner together
For celebrating Mother's Day.

Sebelum keluar tu sempat la pose kt cermin dgn my sister kejap hahaha

Sementara menunggu makanan siap, belikan mama BR.
Nak beli cake semua tak siap lagi. So belanja je mama BR. So sweet!
I mean that ice cream haha

Mama, you're so amazing for me.
Beautiful, Confidence, Independent & Diligent women I had met

3 Ladies in Roslan's Family (Rose)
And 2 womens in my life
Nur Hazwani selaku Kakak bernama Nurul Adha haha

Jyeah! Semuanya tgh lapar. So pergi la makan @ BBQ Chicken Restaurant

Mashed Potato! I love it ^_^

Come to mama baby haha HOT HOT DRUM!

 Nampak kebulur kan semua? haha I know. Sampai tak habis then take away


 King & Queen of My Heart 
I love you both
Both you had made me and born me
So now I'm living with all your guidance

Thank to Allah for the magnificent gift for me