Monday, January 31, 2011

Important thing

PEOPLE always mention about this before they've to leave. Why? There are so many words that human always used to said It for the other person. Reasons? Haa apesal aku banyak sangat tanya nie? Entah lah. Things that people usually do that makes me wanna know more. haha macam Prof2 pulak kan nk discover la ape kejadah. Tapi cuba pikir betul-betul. Maaflah kalau entry nie agak meleweh. This is me, I love to know about many things. Apa-apa pun aku suka, as that suite with my personal and my life. Not more to negative things. Negative pun boleh~ But janganlah sampai terpengaruhkan. haaa itu bahaya. haha

its okay :) people will know me better

Maybe, this word for couple they usually used this. For? yah, to show that they care about each other.
Am I right? yah... What else? Forget? or others maybe like this . .

Haha so rude! Like I care? :) Yah! this word people will used when they hate each other. tak selesa ke ape kan. dah bosan la.. err ape lagi? haha tadi " care each other " nie " hate each other "
What the *&^%  xoxo - Forget IT!

Apa-apa pun never hurt people, because karma is anywhere now HAHA (devil laugh)
They know their job baby! :p