Sunday, January 30, 2011

I will respond like this If..

you tell the truth thing who are you and you're lying at me with all your words
Respond - Keep my smile and say why?

you say that you love someone else not me
Respond - Smile and walk away ..

you say you hate me now, you're uncomfortable with me and my personality
Respond - It's okay, this is me. good bye

you say " I'm boring with you, you know that? "
Respond - (silent) run from your life

you say that I am suffocating you and your life.
Respond - I'm sorry -_-

you say " Someone that is important in my life is not you, but .. "
Respond - (close my eyes) just thought It was his family

you say " can we break now? I'm tired with you "
Respond - (staring right into your eyes) and say " reasons?"

you say " Can you give me some space? "
Respond - Fine, takecare.

you say " we are nothing now "
Respond - (I'm closing my heart for a while around 2-3years ++ or maybe more) 

...finally It over and Its hard for me to forgive you 
...and I have to with my sincerely heart