Wednesday, December 1, 2010


People always make a mistake that's we're already know and we've to learn every single moment. But the things is, we didn't need to make a same mistake or stupid things. As example - Kita tak perlu lah nak merosakkan relationship orang lain. If you like she/he, you shouldn't "crack" their relationship. Just take a look and takecare of him/his. No need to be destructive of a relationship. Kesian lah kat diaorang.. But If dua-dua pun melayan, haa itu tak boleh nak cakap ape la kan. Kalau ade yg sakit tu, jangan salah kn sape-sape. It's yourself, maybe today is your day. And tomorrow will be mine. Karma is always know his job :) I'm not talking about mine, but people that I'm seeing now.. Please open your eyes and brain, and IMAGINE If this situation will be happened to you and your partner and plus your love will be taken for other. How your feels? Except for, you don't even think about this. Haha, DON'T ACT LIKE A KIDS, and please -.- It looks so stupid, you might think this was a simple things. But you're wrong. Love never told us to force someone or hurts someone, and we already know that love might be the greatest pain that you have. The person that we love the most will be the greatest enemy haha, what I'm telling you now sometimes Its truth.. So think about It, never get your heart hurts.