Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Q u i e t N i g h t

I just felt like something wrong this night. or maybe Its just my feelings. or maybe I just miss someone. hmm I dont know. but hopefully not a bad things happened for everyone include me. This night, I feels something different and just now I'm listening to love song or more too sentimental music. Whats fu**king wrong with me? Maybe I just don't know what to do.. yahh maybe.. but... err I don't know. I'm thinking of something that I don't know. but It makes me upset. why? hmm * kali ni byk prktaan dont know okay ank2 haha

Tonight I just makes people around me happy. but inside of me, people don't even really know me. I hope someone can see It inside of me. Especially people that I loved such as family,friends,couple or anyone. I loved to being friend with everyone. Just friend, not more than that. Hmm sometimes I'm hoping that I can meet the right one. Or maybe I just found It, but I can't see It. Oh that was my bigger mistake. and the worst part is If I can't be with him.. (speechless)

In this world, not everythings that we WANT, we can get It. Even in hard or easy way.. Sometimes, things that we really care,need and love It we've to leave It for other reason. Sometimes, we can't even forgive ourselves because of our own mistake. But this is life. This is about faith and It already been noted. Allah may test us.. every inci,every second, every moment and everyday.. But why nowdays, people choose to the wrong side? Someone have told me that, there is 3 ways in this life.
Left is the dark side, Right is the bright side and Straight for half dark&bright.
So people nowdays choose the Left one. but we can move on.. we can't just stay at the same road. Especially at the Left side. I pray and hope that I was at the Right side, but I know that maybe I was the Left side, now.. I'm trying to improve myself to go to the Straight one first. at least I'm at the comfortable place. Just myself have to decides where I wanna go..

This things always in my mind for reminder to do something and think twice or more.
People around you will always reminds you for something. and take It. Even Its hurt, but at least you know what to do then.. For normal person she/he will feels the preassure. but for the not normal they will never feel It. I've red this quote that " people who thinking so many things is people who is clever and have a big brain, our brain have so many cells and It have to full It with good things, never full It with lust or bad things because It may affect to yourself "

- Adharose