Monday, November 1, 2010

O n e m o r e d a y

Hello there  s c h o o l !
I will leave you just one more day, and I would like to thank of you haha for this year.
Cause gave me too much preassure,education and moral values haha.  Especially for my teachers
next year I will come again. ok baby? haha..

Tomorrow I will end up this mess and I'm gonna miss you.. yahhhh you! haha whos? I dont know, :p
One more paper left. and I've to score It. While I'm talking about this.. -_-
I still not feeling well. Now Its been 3 days I'm sick. grr (susah betul nak focus kt exam)
Its so suffocating.. && Uncomfortable :( 
What can I do.. Just do It adha... Dont talk to much haha

Okay. I end with bye-bye :)