Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life wasn't easy

Day and night I still waiting for you. But It seem like you does not appear till now. I miss you like a hell yeah. I just feels like you just a dream for me. You never show who you are till now, today I play a Bruno Mars song again and again. That song show the same situation for me. I'm tired when I wrote the same things again and again here. But my wishes still be the same. Maybe I should be patient till I'm dead. haha 
Sometimes I thought that what am I doing now? I want people around me feel the happiness but me? What about me? the answer is nothing.. My happiness is If people around me get their smile and felt happy with It. Thats all.. and then I will be happy :) Maybe mine happiness is not now.. Maybe after I getting married or not at all. Or maybe after I can go and see the heaven the places were the beautiful things overall. Omg! I can't wait for It haha. If in this world people can see through their eyes what their feelings.. I think people will scared to hurt each other. I swear haha. 
Then in my mind now, why girls now days like to show their skin. Sometimes girls like to be a half naked. haha Its weird, at my past I also being sexy but not often and like a half naked. It looks sexy but not nice.. Beauty is not told us to be as sexy as much. But, beauty is told us to do what we comfort with It and without doing any sins. Now I realize that and Alhamdullilah.. Allah may save me, thankful. So If you loved your friends, you can say It as advise If they won't at least you have done your proper responsibility as human.. :)