Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The day of my history

Monday, 15th of Nov 2010

This day and date will be history in my life. Thank God finally.. I really grateful for who I am now. Expenses incurred during this before was finally gone I guess.. I felt something different now, but I guess Its good for me and I hope so It will be forever.. I will always remember what my granny said to me, haha Its really meant for me. Actually the truth is makes my heart open to changes was when I heard someone said that " wanita macam ini sudah pupus di muka bumi ini, susah nak cari. kalau jumpa & dapat. bertuah & beruntung lah dia. " Omg! when I heard that, my heart just wanna cried.. and automatically my brain think about what he's just tried to said. I think and think, and finally I've make the decision by my own. I guess this is the best thing I should do along time ago. Alhamdullillah.. God helps me when I needed. This week was my saddest weekends, I always think and cry. thats all I do haha Its look weird, but naahhh do I care? haha.

I'm happy now, especially when I said to R.S about this and indeed he likes It haha. thanks b, and I loved you, For sure now, we're have our limit okay? I already told you, so I hope you can keep It and we try our best for this relationship okay? :) I'm happy when you accept me as who I am. thanks again b. My family just can't believe It when they saw me haha. So funny, but actually I just wanna cried, but I cover It haha sensitive betul. I hope people around me can give me some support,advice and tips that I can bring and use It for myself. Actually, I just can't believe to myself what I'm doing now. haha but, I'm okay.. yah Okay, totally okay.. :) err how many okay.. haha

I miss my friends so fu**ing much. -_- when can we meet? hangout,make a stupid jokes and laugh together haha. However, I loved you guys okay? <3 Take care of yourself and behave haha. Hm Okay, I'm sleepy now.. Night readers