Thursday, August 20, 2009


now I will talking about changes
should we changes our attitude and personality because of someone ?
yah ! this is so out of mind
but this is what happened to me a few weeks ago .
someone pushed me to changes myself so quickly
am I so bad for him ?
if he really loves me , he will accept me as I am
just a simple things he throw me away like a rubbish
never think what I felt
I think he's got 2 different of world
In a cyber and out life

In this situation , I never seen that he's be like a good guy
in cyber world , but when I seen out of he's world .
he's be like so good enough and straightedge
why he do so ? I'm just what I am
and I think I will changes a lil bite enough
for me , not for somebody else
and I'm really hates with a faker person
just be like what you want don't be
so selfish or proud to be yours